Mermaids Pool

The large, sandstone water holes form part of the Bargo River Gorge and are fed into by a gentle cascade. Look out for sooty and powerful owls, olive whistlers and glossy black cockatoos.

Mermaids Pool is a natural waterhole situated in a beautiful yet secluded location. The pool is a short walk along Bargo River beginning at Rockford Road Bridge. Take Rockford Road from Tahmoor, cross Rockford Bridge, right on Charles Point Road to the car park. Walk under the bridge, following the track.

After reaching a flat rock the track splits in two; one track (The Naked Way) takes walkers along a ridge on an easy walk, the other track (The Potholes Track) follows Bargo River and involves some rock hopping.

The tracks meet up on the Matilda Track, which leads to a track down to The See Through Pool, or continue to the Mermaids Pool and Lookout Area.

The path is not suitable for young children or the elderly, due to steep cliffs as well as water hazards.

1.5 hours return walk; Grade Four walk.  Mermaids Pool has limited signage, and no mobile phone range. Please take water and food, and wear suitable footwear.

Changing weather patterns and storm events can significantly alter water flow, water depth and create hidden obstacles under the water that make swimming in natural waterholes a dangerous recreational activity, jumping or diving into the water at Mermaids Pool is extremely dangerous and should not be done.