Bargo Dingo Sanctuary

The Bargo Dingo Sanctuary promotes a better understanding and knowledge of Australia's Native Dog, the Dingo.

The Dingo Sanctuary Bargo has sadly been devastated by the December 2019 fires and is CLOSED until further notice. If you would like to donate to the sanctuary, please visit the official website.

The ANDCS, an organisation with a membership of over two hundred people worldwide and a network of supporters in the academic, political and canine world was formed in October 1976 by Berenice Walters to promote a better understanding and knowledge of Australia’s Native Dog, the Dingo.

It is envisaged that the Dingo residents at the Dingo Sanctuary will help contribute towards conservation of the Dingo. In addition, the Society has contributed funds to the University of NSW for the development of a DNA test which, it is hoped, will allow Dingoes to be differentiated from similar-looking domestic dogs and hybrids and will facilitate the preservation of Australia’s Native Dog.

The Dingo Sanctuary is set in an open woodland-style Australian native gardens.  Visitors are accompanied around the facility for hands-on introduction to the Dingoes by knowledgeable volunteers.

There is almost complete absence of noise from the canine residents. Usually birds, and the gentle rustling of leaves in the trees soaring above are all that is heard in the background as each Dingo is introduced with humorous anecdotes, illustrating aspects of their ecology and biology. There is no set commentary – visitors are encouraged to ask questions, and dialogue can range over a diversity of canine-related topics.

The Dingo Sanctuary is a public company and registered charity which maintains a colony of Dingoes for public education and Dingo conservation