Mermaids Pool

Magnificent natural water hole with stunning views and sacred Aboriginal history

If you love bushwalking, basking in Mother Nature’s glory and chasing waterfalls the adventurous journey to Mermaids Pool is one for the photo albums. Mermaids Pool is located along the Potholes to Tahmoor Canyons walk close to the town of Tahmoor. The magnificent natural water hole is located just over an hour from Sydney and surrounded by native flora and fauna.

Mermaids Pool has significant Indigenous history and is referred to as “the scared home of a D’harawal river spirit: the Migadan”. It is an extremely sacred location.

Although beautiful, Mermaids Pool is an extremely dangerous place and not suitable for recreational swimming. Multiple deaths and serious injuries have occurred at the location. If you just or dive into the waterhole, there is a severe risk of harm due to varying water depth, hidden obstacles such as rocks, snags and currents under the surface. There is no safe exit point from the waterhole and many people have slipped and fallen while trying to exit the water. Poor mobile phone coverage in the area also adds to the obvious risks. Snakes, ticks and leaches are also present. If you choose to visit the site, you do so at your own risk.

There is no public parking or on-road parking on Rockford Road near Mermaids Pool and fines will be issued for vehicle owners who park illegally.