Naming Wollondilly

What's behind a street name?

If only a street were able to tell the story of all who had left footprints in it’s memory or the magical and tragic moments that it’s seen. If so, the streets of Wollondilly Shire could certainly write a book. Maybe the very street you’re living or staying on was named after it’s first resident? a philanthropist? or even a famous Australian icon?

In light of uncovering such details, The Wollondilly Shire Council have launched a register to collect the history of each shire street, and invite you to help tell the tale.

The Wollondilly Street Name Register allows you to search all existing road names within the area and uncover the history behind the name.You can also contribute to the Street Register by sharing any facts or missing information.

The register is also a place for you to suggest new road names for future developments  so we can continue to preserve the local history and continue the shire story for future generations to come.

Click here to uncover the history or share your story.