Picton Karting Track

Picton Karting Track is fast, challenging and addictive!

Picton Karting Track was setup to make motor sport accessible to everyone.  We firmly believe in the huge power of motor sport to thrill and inspire and see no reason why it should not be part of whether you’re a professional karter, leisurely karter or a rental karter, regardless of ability.  This outdoor circuit caters go hire kart clients as well as for karters that have their own kart that leisurely practice at their own speeds. The track also is an AKA (Australian Karting Association) race track approved and is the home for the Wollongong Kart Racing Club which holds seven race meets in a calendar year and to many other race club meets.

We believe that motor sport is the most engaging sport possible. It is something special that inspires and engages those who have had the chance to participate and it often rubs off in so many areas. We believe:

  • that it is the only sport that combines sport, engineering and business in such a tight and compelling package
  • that there are so many aspects to motor sport that can be used for the purpose of education.
  • that motor sport develops a range of skills that are directly transferrable to driving on the roads, such as spatial awareness, looking ahead and anticipation.
  • that people are safer road drivers when they have a feel for how vehicles handle on the limit in the context of emergency situations.
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