Razorback, Cawdor, Camden Park

On top of Razorback is the panoramic lookout over Picton, Cawdor Valley, Camden and Sydney

These areas were used in scenes and backdrops from some of Australia’s earliest black and white films, “Smiley” and “Smiley Gets a Gun” with Chips Rafferty.

Razorback is the site for the historic Anthony Horden’s Tree “While I Live I’ll Grow” and was also made famous with the Truckies Blockade in the 70’s where there is now a monument to the event.

Cawdor was part of Camden Park and John Macarthur’s original land grant and was also famous for its merino sheep.

Camden Park House

On Camden Park are the original Macarthur family homes, Camden Park House which are open to the public at special times, and there is also the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute.



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