Lavinia Soap

Lavinia's artisan of pure, simple, natural and finely hand-crafted natural skin bars and beauty products. Carefully blended to create a bath and skin sensation.

Lavinia’s soaps are handmade in small batches from the finest, food-grade, vegetarian, organic ingredients available. They have manufactured, produced and sold skin-care products and natural soaps since 2009, and stand by the products found on their webpage, outlets, the markets or their studio. Lavinia has complete confidence you will find a product that will suit your personal requirements.

Lavinia’s products
  • Biodegradable and free from pesticides, petrochemicals and herbicides.
  • Contains no chemicals that may harm or disturb the skin
  • Manufactured according to susta
    inable renewable resource management
  • Made in Australia with locally sourced ingredients where possible
  • Every soap bar is made with individual attention
  • Carry an element of creativity grounded in practicality that is environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly

Lavinia believes in simplicity- that their products, such as the humble bar soap, when made with purpose and a sense of responsibility, will be gentle yet effective in its use. They are committed to bringing people closer to nature by consciously selecting ingredients that are cruelty-free and plant/milk based. By making products that are kinder to people, they are making small steps towards a better planet to live in.

By visiting the studio, you will find only only handmade soap, but liquid soap, beeswax candles, beeswax melts, chemical-free deodorants and therapeutic rubs made with oils and essential oils.

While you are visiting the studio, you can wonder around the garden that inspired Lavinia to create her range, and check out her artwork.