Lakesland and Mowbray Park

Mowbray Park FarmStay

FarmStay accommodation at Mowbray Park Farm is a journey back in time when pastoral properties had multiple outbuildings surrounding the Homestead.

Each of these lodges has its own history and character, from the colonial style of Majellan, Cheddington and Alverna (1920’s)  To the classic 1800’s design of Barkers Lodge.

When you call us to make your booking we will work with you to make sure you reserve the most suitable accommodation for your stay. If you are part of a large family or neighbourhood group Cheddington or Alverna may suit you best, plenty of room for your exclusive use.

A traveling family or couples may prefer Majellan or Barkers with a mix of en-suited family rooms and en-suited twin share rooms.

Any child under 3 years of age comes for free at Mowbray Park Farm Holidays.