Thirlmere Lakes National Park

Thirlmere Lakes National Park, with its five lakes, is full of locomotive history and is perfect for enjoying picnics and barbecues, walking, cycling and birdwatching.

Visit Thirlmere Lakes National Park for a relaxing spot to enjoy and get away from the crowds.

Thirlmere Lakes is a group of waterways in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area that includes Lake Gandangarra, Lake Werri Berri, Lake Couridjah, Lake Baraba and Lake Nerrigorang. The lakes are thought to be about 15 million years old.

Boasting five freshwater lakes and many native Australian plant species, this is a wonderful place to come all year round. Along the lakes, you’ll discover amazing aquatic plants including the rare frogmouth waterlily, with its unusual bright yellow flowers, and a variety of colourful ground orchids in the spring.

For birdwatchers, visiting Thirlmere Lakes is a must. Taking a walk along three of the lakes on the terrific Thirlmere Lakes track, you’ll see some of the 140 birds that inhabit the park, including the white-faced heron, musk duck, and white-bellied sea eagle.

Pack a picnic and be sure to make use of the free barbecues to cook up a feast while enjoying the scenery.

Water levels in Thirlmere Lakes have fluctuated over time. A decline in water levels over the last decade has caused significant local community concern and has led to the development of the Thirlmere Lakes Research Program.

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