Bargo, Pheasants Nest, Yanderra

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary

The formation of Wirrimbirra has links going back over 100 years. The name Wirrimbirra is aboriginal ‘to preserve’ and it represents a meeting place of environmental leaders with interest in Australia’s natural heritage and future – a future that few could envisage so many years ago. It is symbolic as a meeting place of like minded thinkers including Annie Wyatt, Myles Dunphy, Milo Dunphy, Thistle Stead [nee Harris], David G Stead, Vincent Serventy and Allen Strom – among so many others.

Wirrimbirra is a special place to visit where you can experience the magical sights and sounds of the Australian bush.

Have a walk through our fauna area, bush trail or purchase a plant at our native nursery.

Wirrimbirra Sanctuary is situated between Tahmoor and Bargo and is the home of the White Waratah [Wirrimbirra White], identified in the local area and first cultivated by Thistle Stead on site.

Please note the Visitors Centre, Native Plant Nursery and Fauna Protection Area are closed Monday to Friday and there is no access to the animals or nursery during the week. The Sanctuary remains fully open on Weekends.